Sunday, January 15, 2006

Breaking free...

“But the show must go on”, he said without pausing to take his eyes off the monitor.
The young man would not listen. He had had enough already, and he wouldn’t take no more. Picking up his bag and sunglasses from his desk he shouted across the almost empty hall – “Hang me if you will, but I take my decisions.” And he was on his way…


My life is full of colors - all bright hues.
They smell of solvent, though..
The colors that paint my life are lifeless
– they’re so.. Acrylic.
(I think that one describes my life best.. too many hours at the office, too busy to have a life..
Frustrated? Yes, a little… :) )

And he was on his way…


By the way guys, I have a new addition to my camera cache, and she’s a beauty..

(Don’t you think??)