Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A different ball game..

The wooden cuckoo came out, yawned, went back in and shut the door.It has been like that for quite some time now.. She just yawns.. Soundlessly.
In the green screen of the TV, the Swedes and English are fighting it out in what seems to be a good match to watch.Owen's twisted his ankle.
England still looks the better side..
Isaksson was stunned when Joe Cole chested that ball and sent it right up the goal from a good 25 meters off. What a goal it was! They may not have won over the Swedes in 38 years, but I’m somehow sure they'll be the winning side this time.

Yawns, are warnings in a very curious sort of way. You bore me, is what they say.. Even the cuckoo in the clock.. I’m depressed!
"You've been a livewire. We're going to miss you.." Not too soon, though..
"You know what the best reward for good work can be?? Do you?" He was red in the face. Was it anger, was it anguish, I will never know. “More responsibility!"...and more, and more, and even more.. Until you choke and die..
The scores are leveled now. England has struck one, and the Swedes too. But something seems to have gone amiss on the English side. And the Swedes have been pounding their penalty box every one and a half minutes.Rooney’s very unhappy that he has been substituted. and he shows it.

The day following my resignation, they took me off my team, and put me on a testing support assignment. The one month notice was going to be a tough one.I didn’t like the move one bit, and I let it show.
Bad move. Very bad move.
I am stressed.. I want to leave.
I hate my job!
And I hated the rest of the game as well. England disappointed. The Swedes should have won. The better side had to win.
A draw.. I hate draws! And I was happy I didn’t do anything foolish like trusting my instincts on a bet.
They’ve been failing me for sometime anyway.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Next slide please.. *click*

As a friend discovered today, I have proved with my resignation that a techie can be retained for more than a year (no matter how much you bullshit him). And so when I am relieved on 5th of July 2006, I would have completed one year, and one day in this company.
And I am content with the fact that at least I could prove one point in my miserable life!

(Did I hear a YAY! somewhere? – must be from within..)
Sorry for the time away, guys. I’m going to be RIGHT back.. v