Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Remember that movie i was working on?
Now you can now watch the trailer here..

THe budding film maker that i am would really appreciate a few comments.. :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


8 am on a chilly winter morning.. A full house (well, almost) in the class..
A board with a pile of mathematical formulae stacked neatly to fit into three columns separated by two vertical streaks chalked on the green board. As the last column filled, the first was promptly and very neatly dusted off, to be filled the next minute.

The professor was solving a problem. He was so used to solving problems.
In a clean, methodical way - that was the way problems were to be solved - in a clean methodical way, fitting the lines into three columns on a green board on the wall, so the boys could take it down, and file their notes.

I did not understand. I did not understand why engineering should teach one NOT to think.
He scribbled 'a's and 'b's and 'x's and 'y's and integrated them and derived them. He solved problems about how to eliminate noise in a good design. Good God, what is the context? Where is the noise coming from? why? What are the possibilities?
Is just no one here bothered about the context?

"You're going to hell."
"Because all that you do is wrong."
"By whose standards?"
"By God's standards."
"Did God tell you what his standards are?"
"The book says so!"

If there is something in the world that can make me blow my fuse, it would be just that - one's conscious refusal to think.
NO book - just no book tells me what to do. They can suggest a new line of thought, they can widen the dimensions of existing ones, but not arrive at conclusions for me. That, I will do. My rights and wrongs are mine, and mine alone. My guilt, my sins, and my good will use that as
the yardstick. Because I refuse NOT to think.
Because if there is a God that created good and bad, He has created something bigger, and more Powerful - discretion.
So my friend, you'd better think twice before you tell me "Because the book says so." - I may punch you in the face.