Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Walk that talk - Half mast.

Single handed efforts with no particular direction – that should be a fairly accurate description of the past few months of my life. There is not one feat that I am particularly proud of, but these months have given me pictures that will stay in my memory for a lot many years to come- in full color.
Rural and interior Karnataka, Andhra, Pondicherry, Chennai, and the length and breadth of Kerala. I haven’t kept a journal, but I have a hard-disk full of images.
My bottom’s sore from the two weeks and a couple of thousand miles solo on the motorcycle. So now, I am going to sit down and show you some pictures.

Walk that talk - half mast.
Some things never change. The 'mundu' for one. Even the most 'progressive' malayali wears one, and many a time, half mast.
This is a scene from Kuttanad in central Kerala - a land of lush green paddy fields, water bodies and genuine country life.