Saturday, June 10, 2006

Next slide please.. *click*

As a friend discovered today, I have proved with my resignation that a techie can be retained for more than a year (no matter how much you bullshit him). And so when I am relieved on 5th of July 2006, I would have completed one year, and one day in this company.
And I am content with the fact that at least I could prove one point in my miserable life!

(Did I hear a YAY! somewhere? – must be from within..)
Sorry for the time away, guys. I’m going to be RIGHT back.. v


peeks said...

So you have decided to switch jobs....still in developing or back to databases?.....I am still in databases....stuck on like how u had once adviced....
but yes..I switchd projects and realised that earlier it was the manager that i despised not the databases...
Good Luck !!!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Still sweating it out on a rotten application - analyzing, developing, bug fixing.

good that you stuck on.. Gotten to realise a DBA's job used to be a lot more satisfying than this.

heh heh.. the manager related rants.. you dont want me start on that! ;)
hope it's going to get better at the new place..
and thanks for the wishes..