Monday, September 25, 2006

To Go(a), or not to go?

I'm just so confused.. Should I, or should I not?
Those lenses i ordered are going to come any day this week, and i dont want to feel sorry later about not going in the weekend.

Goa, anybody???


flyaway mind said...

hmm..thinking twice abt going 2 goa,eh? it'z an absolute go if u have lots of friends 2 bash with.. it'z our most wonderful trip from college, though goa landscapes looked like another version of kerala..
btw, wat lenses??

starry nights said...

Can I come too. Have never been to Goa.Just stopped to say hello.I think you should go and have a blast.

Maya Cassis said...

Don't think too much....
Go(a) for it!
Start packing buddy :)

Maya Cassis said...

and about the lenses...they are not going anywhere.come back and get them

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

flyaway mind: yeah. goa when in college is just so much fun! we once got bullied real bad by a group of drunk firang arsenal fans cause we were drunk as well, were in red, and were talking manchester united.

starry: thanks for droppin by.
i'm not going. too tired from yesterday's trip, plus i'm in the mood for some jungles now. too much sun in goa now, they say.
going to the jungles of nagarhole instead. :)

maya: i'm all packed already (with ice packs, that is.)
been out on an office picnic yesterday. swam, danced, got stung by the bees as well.. too much sun for the week.
so goa plans are shelved for now. :)
i don have an inch on my body that isnt aching. damn!
PS: the lenses - the bleddy phools just shipped em yesterday. :(

kd said...

me meme.. goa/nagarhole wherever...
oh wait.. I cant have a holiday yet. :(

Change my link on ur sidebar my man..

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

kd boy, i havent touched the blogger settings since i signed up on this thing. hehe.
i'm gonna do that for you, though..
i see that you're having a nice time with your new job.
have fun, n rock on!

Tsu said...

do u have to even ask ureself a question like that??? ofcourse u go go go to goa...!!!
lil late on the advice and u mite have gone ther e already but felt the need to comment on GOA....!!!