Friday, April 27, 2007

Lone clansman pissed.

Agola 27th April:
The abominable clansman Rednow Sselhtoot expressed his annoyance in having been compelled to give in to the tribe’s ways against his own personal conviction.
“I eat, dog fart. I meet girl, dog fart. I do anything, dog fart.” According to Rednow, his dog was capable of performing the feat so effortlessly, and to perfection, ahead of even his wife. What concerns him, however is that he has a ban from the tribe on letting his dog perform in front of an audience.
Rednow had attempted the act once at a friend’s wedding, and was (mercilessly) beaten up and thrown out. The exhaust gases at the dance had made the dancers desert the venue, and village council had imposed an indefinite ban on bringing his dog to a public function. “He big brain. He see he learn” The tribesman is now facing a risk of being evicted from his own house, and the wife is said to have been seen with ex-boyfriend Guimba very often in the recent past. Guimba is believed to have the best bone knife in the tribe.
“Who say no teach old dog new trick? Who say?” A visibly agitated Rednow was heard saying.

[I'm dead the day Spark gets internet-enabled. :) ]


Anonymous said...

yea you are dead the day spark learns to blog. so attach a dog disclaimer.

and abt that comment on "Loud Silence" - you are perfectly right about that 'anger within'.

The bloody repercussions we see in the form of riots for some seemingly insignificant events like death of rajkumar or saddams death trial, is a way of expressing that anger.

Pick any haggard on the roadside slum and ask him who he hates the most - he would point his fingers at you, for stealing his land to build your apartments, for riding a car he has no access to and sipping a coffee that is priced thrice as his meals.

There is ths beautiful article by arundhati roy which she wrote during the narmada fiasco, about why the ignored masses might one day take up arms. I will check if i have it in my inbox, or you could find it on net.. go through that... it's high time we realise this impending danger tha is looming around.. not that it would change your mind and mindset though.. You then call it 'my greed'

pRicky said...

man you do have a knack to pick topics...

Keshi said...



crumbs said...

defaming poor animals behind their back.sheesh, what has the world come to???
man, where is PETA when you really need them????

let me reframe a previous comment, u are almost profound these days :P

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

ok boys and girls.. i'm overwhelmed with guilt right now, and am finding it difficult to find words.
I'll put up a new post soon enough, and we'll talk there.
*sob sob*

LPC said...

I love this dog !

Anonymous said...

piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch

kelly divine