Monday, May 28, 2007

Running the wrong way

Now, getting back to where we left off:
It was Seven in the morning, but it was long since the day started in the forest. By the reason of its quietness, the walk seemed longer than it naturally should have. And perhaps adding to it was the disappointment from the lack of any real sightings in the morning.
We had woken before first light, and even as we walked through the slush of the previous night’s rains, the pale light was only setting in, giving the dry river bed a shade of solemn grey.
We had hoped to walk into the elephant herd – which we had a chance encounter with, in the dark of the past night, and I was ready – unlike then - with the right lenses, the camera on, and ready to go.
It was dismal crusade – even the persistent elephant scent this morning was a lot lighter, compared to the sharp musky odor that hung heavy in the air the previous night.
The leeches were feasting on my leg, and many were trying to suck the juice out of my shoes as well. There we were – at the riverbed - risking snake bite and impending rain.

The walk would have been a disappointment, had we not spotted this guy high up in the foliage.

[In the pic: A Malabar Grey Hornbill]


Keshi said...

Nice! :)

Leeches ewwwww!


pRicky said...

Bird watching are you???

Anonymous said...

right inside the cross-hair, the bird is! brilliant pic.

I was riding through the city last night and there was this tiny girl semi-naked, wet in rain, standin under the signal light ,beside her father ( he had found his bed on the divider) and playing flute. I wished for a cam like this then.

Photographs makes it easier. You don't have to write a story

pRicky said...

U have been tagged...
Pleasure I have in informing you the above...
So please if you please go to the blog of the above mentioned author namely pricky and click on Tagged in the side bar.
you shall be directed to what this comment was sadly trying to conceal and yet reveal...
I hope I did just that...
See you then...

Ash said...

Beautiful image of the hornbill

crumbs said...

ah!this my friend, is NICE!
i like this picture, no other words really. i just like it :)

its not enough to just have a camera u kw, u need an intelligent being behind and in front of it :P

Moi said...

beautiful we have come to expect from u......:)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

keshi: thank you! i had this friend who sat on a fallen tree trunk in contemplation,n and when he came home, he foound a swollen leech full of blood in the crack of his butt. nothing can beat that. :)

lash: People make the best pictures. and you find them in interesting settings ONLY when you're not carrying the camera - it's a universal phinominen.

pricky: thank you pricky for the tag. will take that up as soon as i can get out of this fix i'm in at the office. (that's something you dont want to know.)

crumbs: Are you suggesting that i'm intelligent? i knew that you always thought so!

moi: i'm honored! :))

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

ash: thanks!

crumbs said...

oooh oh!
the pic on ur top panel...NICE
the words on the pic...unreadable :-/

david mcmahon said...

G'day 2thless 1da,

We had to cope with leeches down the khudside when I was a schoolboy in Darjeeling!

Best way to get rid of them is a few grains of salt.

Looking forward to some more of your shots - let me know when you update your site.