Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot-dog does the dive.

Free style, originally uploaded by toothlesswonder.

Contravening instincts bred into him by millions of years of evolution, you see Spark doing another one of his water catching performances here. (And you, like an idiot thought all dogs run away from water.)
And he goes: “Yo, check it out, Gs, Damn. I be attendin' to bidness 24/7, and I almost forgot about evolushan! “

Spark says he’s working on his other ‘bad habits’ like sniffing feces on the sidewalk, licking his own groin, and wolfing down his food.

When he has all the hot-dog ingredients, it should be ok for him to take a few exceptions, don’t you think? (“Unless you wants every hole in yo' body stapled shut, y'all best not make no wisecracks.”)
Spark is a good dog.


[he was a few days old here. ]


Moi said...

awww!!!! oh tons of love for Spark...he shall overcome his "bad habits" ..or may be not....all's fair in a dog's world :)

loved both the pics....him drinking milk from the bottle is so cuuuuuuute :)

the rain tree said...

ma god...spark is so lovely (unlike d master! :P).
hey seriously ya..he is so damn cute, esp in d pic where he is drinking milk.

n d other pic...its awesome!!! :)
muuuaaahhhhh to spark

Viewer said...

AAAAAWWWW He is so cute!!!!!!!!!! I too own a female lab, and it happens to be her bday today!

Keshi said...

awwwwwwww terribly cute!!!


Tys on Ice said...

wow a black lab...when we were kids ( my bros and I ) we had 2, called jerry and hippie..amazing dogs..labs are extremely gentle with me, i know...

heh? ok said...

for all the hip hop lingo, i'm glad he's not wearing a gold medallion.

Anonymous said...

toothy is he ur doggy ? cute one ..thought i am not much fond of cats and dogs :)

Oxymoron said...

I love Spark! A soft spot for Labs aside, Spark is all sparkling in that first pic (super pic btw) and the milk bottle pic (sorry couldn't help it!) choooo cuteeee!!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

moi: i've never really had to do anything to housebtreak him.
he was a gentledog by birth.
with the other habits, i guess it is just the bad company. :)

raintree: i didnt like teh unlike teh master bit.

viewer: Happy birthday to her!!! :))

keshi: i'll tell him you said taht. :)

tys: i had an uncle who had a dog which used to scare the shit out of people, that we used to ride as kids..
we used to have war games, and he was always the horse. :)

heh?: i dont know about the meddallion, but i'm buying him an over sized tee and a hip hop hat for his next birthday.

sunshine. damn right. MY doggie!

oxymorin: Tx. and I'll pass the word. he has this thing for young women - He's an ornithologist, you see. :p

Sophie said...

i dont like dogs
but i like this pic!

Serendipity said...

This is such a cute dog! Im wondering why Jack hasnt seen it yet, he LOVES dogs. I think he likes dogs more than people sometimes. lol.

Adorable Pancreas said...

Using all my creativity, I came up with 'oh, he's sooo cuuute.' That's a big thing coming from someone who is owned by 3 cats. I hope they don't find out about this.

Jack Sparrow said...

Oh. My. God.

That is brilliant. My eyes opened wide when I saw this photo ! I want to play with Spark now :D Forget cute, this guy is awesome !! He is completely gangsta ! TW you are very lucky !!

Yes, I'm crazy about dogs ... ask anyone that knows me ! I want to have at least 7 dogs ( 2 Black Labs, 2 Great Danes, a Boxer, a Golden Retriever and a Huskie ... or actually maybe just get them all from the dog shelter ... those guys need love too ! ) but some people refuse to listen to my requests ... Oh well.

And yes Serendipity. Sometimes dogs are way better than humans !

If you ever wanna irritate women, begin an argument about how puppies are cuter than babies. Guaranteed good times :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

sophie: you haven't met him yet. :)

serendipity: yeah, i think so too.
and when dogs can love people more than dogs, i guess it's only fair the oether way too. :)

adorable pancreas:
3 cats?? well, i hope spark doesnt find out that i am even talking to someone who keeps three cats. :p

jack: 7 dogs? LOL!
That is going to be a"mouth watering" treat.. hehe

Jack Sparrow said...

Yeah man ... though I doubt I'll ever have 7 :( I might have to settle for one, or two if I'm fortunate.

Oh well, such is life !