Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Boys and girls, Let it roll!

let it roll, originally uploaded by toothlesswonder.

Diwali is here. And here’s my own hand crafted card and message to all you good folks.

Cheers to everyone!

[I made that card at a 15 min make-a-card competition at work. :) The card was later presented to my all-boys lunch group. By the way, that won the second place. ]

PS: For the less informed, Wiki sez: "..The festival marks the victory of good over evil, and uplifting of spiritual darkness. Symbolically it marks the homecoming of goodwill and faith after an absence.."


usha said...

have a happy Diwali, bala! :)
a handmade card!! :) long time since i saw one!

btw, we did a 'narakasurvadh' for the rangoli competition at work, which bombed royally! ppl tuk our 'krishna' for 'hanuman'! :((

somepinkflowers said...

happy holiday to you, toothless!


tell me please,
why this card did not win
**first place**?

such a fine looking moon!
such a splendid fire!

imac said...

Clever chappie.
Nice one.

Viewer said...

Creative!!! Esp the words :-)

heh? ok said...

ah, so that's what it takes...a lamp. i must enlighten the clueless males of my acquaintance.

a-xpressions said...

That's cool card..;)
and wish you a happy and joyous Diwali..!

Moi said...

happy diwali, boy!!!! :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

ok, all the boys and girls, thank you for your wishes: I wish you a happy Diwali too, but most of all I wish that your neighbor's kid lets you sleep in peace. ;)

Usha: You must have taken advice. This one time we were at a team building workshop and there was a game involving making a picture after solving a puzzle. Given my skills with the pencil and colors, I volunteered, and the picture was made – Every object labeled a1, b1.2, a3 etc. complete with a legend at the bottom.
We didn’t win, but won the special jury award for keeping composure at a tough situation. LOL

Somepinkflowers: That makes it the two of us. I thought I was the only person that thought so.. Thanks, pinkflowers!

Imac: thank you! :)

Viewer: I’m overcome with emotion.

Heh? : Well, spread the word far and wide. I cant stand the noise!

a-xpressions: Hey, welcome here! You’ve got cool pictures. :)

moi: happy diwali to you too!

Anonymous said...

i cam imagine how the winners card would have looked like.. I am happy you never took up sketching seriously..

the previous post was good dude.. i loved what you wrote there..

when i die, i die in style.. brilliant muse..

Keshi said...

I think its poretty good :)



Keshi said...

I mean PRETTY good..LOL!


Princess Stefania said...

It's always a good time to have a girlfriend.