Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Spark met Singam


I brought home this bony sorry figure of a puppy last weekend, and I had to drive more than 300 kilometers to Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu and back to get him.
Spark is shaken, and makes a sad face, but I’m sure he’ll get over it. Two’s company, after all.

Singam is a Chipiparai hound, an original Indian breed. He’ll grow up to be a great runner-hunter, I am told. His daddy looked like a larger version of a greyhound, and was quite a looker.

Does anyone know how I can get Spark to be nice to Singam? He now walks away when he sees the pup. And I'm worried he's stressed.


Moi said...

awwwwwwww!!!! will love to see this little thingie grow happier, which I am sure he will..... I wish I knew more about dogs to be able to help you.....Spark's rather possessive of your affections i guess....maybe with time he'll learn to accept it, like the elder siblings do with the arrival of younger uns !!!!

brocasarea said...

co cute!!....same thing happened in my nieghbour..in a span of one week 3 of them have bought new pets to their homes!!!:)

heh? ok said...

they look related. maybe if you showed spark the mirror..

hehe. am not much help, am i?

Anonymous said...

KC: You call it a testimonial or comment or whatever...

There is so much depth for every person as an individual and unfortunately, most of the times only the shallow surface of a person is known to the world and the rest goes unexposed. I'm glad that your posts reveal a li'l more of you. Probably too much of yapping is because there are too many talents inside you and there is no way you could live suppressing them :P You are much more than what you appear to be ! Let all the goodness remain within you and by your side.

Best wishes to reach greater heights and shine high :)

sandeep said...

spark and singam ... u do have a knack with the namings :)

and yeah ... the two of them look so similar, pretty much dad - son :) .. atleast for an illiterate like me!

usha said...

i'm sure, by the time you make ur next post on the pups, they would've already formed their own pup lobby to outdo you! :P

obviously, me too has no clues about the dogworld to be of any help!

Moi said...

Anon: I cant really figure out who you are!!!! we decided to meet up in Illinois, you say??? In oct??? I have to jog my memory cells better and I am trying, but it's not helping!!! :(

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

moi: Spark is a good dog, but he's used to a lot of attention, and it's only natural that he gets a little uncomfortable with this encroachment into his space. I'm sure he'll be ok in some time, but I just cannot bear to see him like that - just want to make that time as short as can be. :)

brocasarea: wow.. must be a real noisy neighborhood by the night. :)

heh? ok: sounds like an idea worth a try.. i only hope that he doesnt think the reflection is yet another new dog!

KC: Whatever that was supposed to mean. (thanks, but. you just made a happier man.) Now don't go announcing your find to everyone at work! :P

sandeep: now don't make spark sound that old: he's only of 2 years!

usha: i sure hope the pup post comes soon! :)

moi: Don't worry about KC. She thinks you are this girl from work, looking at that picture of yours.

Serendipity said...

the little one needs to become thoda un-bony :) and more chubby

Adorable Pancreas said...

He is TINY! Sorry I can't help you with Spark, I've never had a dog. You can drop me a line if you're having cat problems, though. I used to have about 17 until a few years ago. Still have about 6 of 'em. :)

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Mate its only a few day issue with doggies, then they get used to...almost all... ma doggie just confined herself to her kennel and did not even come into the rooms, when a new pup was brought, but it went only for a week, she was smart enough to adjust, as she knew there was no alternative, think sparky will also do the same... no worries in that front..
just give him his space thatz it

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

serendipity: Mum called, n said he's had an infection in teh stomach, and is half teh size he's in the pic. We've started antibiotics. I think he's getting better now.

AP: I've never had a cat either. :)
@17: *thod! (Ouch my jaw!)

FLS: That makes me feel better, tahnks! Actually, i hear Spark is getting used to him, although teh pace isn't the best in the world.

silverine said...

Awwwwww so this is Singam!! Hope he has lots of space to run around.These hounds get sick if they don't. And Sparky...tell him a gal from Blr sends him a kiss on his nosey. He will be alright..if you dont attempt to do it on my behalf :p

Viewer said...

This is how ideally one should introduce a new addition (pet wise) in the family. Even Mandy (my lab) used to be stressed out with her mate but by slowly introducing them and giving some time and space she is pretty cool and has learned to handle his pranks:)
Firstly the introduction must be done slowly. I think you have already put both the dogs together by now. If possible keep them in separate rooms (fora few days) take a towel and rub the new puppy with it then bring it home and put it
somewhere that Spark will frequent and be able to
smell. This will also work if you take something that has the scent of spark on it and put it in with the pup. Allow spark to smell the new puppy from under the door so they may realise eacth other presence to each other. After a few days to a week you can try the introduction but make sure you are close in case you have to take on the roll of referee. If there is some growling or paw raising
don’t interfere unless of course you feel your puppy is in

Good luck with the new addition :)

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