Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lovely Rosa

reverse bungee

Rosa is beautiful. Rosa likes to lick the underside of shoes (Tasty they are, but I dont know why mommy makes a fuss!) and Rosa likes it when daddy tosses her up like that.

This week has been crazy so far, and it is just about to get crazier. I'm having to travel half way around the world, among other things.
I should be getting back to work, dont you think? :)


Jack Sparrow said...

Rosa is very sweet :) You captured a really nice moment there !

Good luck on your trip ! I'm guessing it will bring many more photos :) Also, Happy Vishu !

somepinkflowers said...

have wonderful travels!
eat lots of different foods
this is the best thing about travel,
don't you think?


what a cutie-cute little girl!
a future international model,
no doubt....

heh? ok said...

oooh, another hug puddle :)

and your life sounds like the title of a jules verne novel. lucky you.

Moi said...

sweet!!!!! :) have a safe trip and i have no idea what "un-crazy" weeks are like any longer!!!!

crumbs said...

I agree with you for once-you should get back to work :P

what do they say about too much fun making toothless a show off? :P

and I like Rosa

Sonia said...

if you can help it... just keep traveling! that's more fun anyway!

Mahi said...

rosa's really cute:)

qifei2012 said...

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