Monday, June 30, 2008

The morning after craziness

morning after
Once in a while I recommend that everyone should get really drunk, only to remember why it was such a bad idea.
The lime and water didn't seem to have done too much good to the system, for it was the throbbing in my head that woke me up - or was it Don? I can't really remember.
Walking out through the back door into the yard barefoot, the cold came first, and then the dampness. There were no more fiery ambers in the firepit, and the empty beer cans were all over the dewy grass.
I have a day of packing ahead of me, and as for Don, it is sure going to be a work-in-the-yard Sunday.


lost optimist..^!^ said...

wow.what a beautiful blog this has turned out to be. hi!!dono if u remember me. coming back to this world after a really really long time and i wish i had come sooner..anyways.. keep up the good work.. hope the hangover's gone.. tc.. ciao :)

Anonymous said...

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