Friday, September 30, 2005


Back after an extended weekend from home is a pretty sad state, especially when you took a bad bus, sitting next to a badly drunk loser. I wonder when I’ll get to learn to make drunks shut up.. This is one problem I had discovered in myself like 5 years ago, and marked the priority to high – to learn being un-nice to people that are being nice to you , but in a very irritating way - Brother, I need my sleep when I feel like it!

This trip home has made me discover a few other things as well..
a) I tend to swear at the assholes on the road when I’m home, although I almost never do that here in Bangalore
b) I tend to get much more office correspondence when I’m on a holiday than when I am actually in the office
c) Extending a weekend towards the Friday side is a far better idea than extending it both ways.
d) My folks at home have no intention of getting me married. They say they’re not even going to think about it for another couple of years at least.

Back in the office today, I am a pooped man. It’s a half floating, half rolling state of mind, where you feel your chair is actually in the air, and your PC is floating with you maintaining proper elevation at all times. Now thinking about it, I guess the last time I felt something like this was when I ate those two pieces of bhang for the first time, and was waiting for the trip.

I remember all of us sitting in circles in a dimly lit tiny room, windows media player playing some trance number with some weird visualization on the screen. I remember me starting to see the music, blended with the colors coming out of the monitor, flowing around the room. I remember my head growing heavier by the minute, and the rest of the body feeling like a hydrogen balloon. I remember me trying to physically connect with the feeling, trying to bury my head under the pile of pillows, kneeling on the bed with my bottom in the air.

I remember Kurup laughing like a mad man, and the rest of them laughing at the mad man, like other mad men. I remember me (by now a total inverted U) falling towards one side, falling off the bed, after which I don’t remember a thing.
Boy, those first times in college were fun!


lash said...

i ve to go ..will read this later.. jus to tell u that i keep track of ur works writer!!!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

thanks fella,
there's another one there already..
That's a piece from my book as well..
and yes, pardon my not leaving comments on your blog..
i do come back and look at it all the time, but my firewall blocks the comments page..

juby said...

Hare Krishna Hare Ram!!!?
Boy it has been awfully long since I have come to your blog. Don't ask why. You'll get sorts of reasons. hehe.