Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy valentines day! (Too bright - I have to squint to see)

He turned in the direction of the rustle, drawn more by impulse, than interest. Sliding down the heap of withered leaves was a snake. He steeped aside, and she shrieked.
“Did you see that? A black one with white lines – did you see that? Disgusting, isn’t it? Let’s go back, there will be more!”

The white waters rushed along in the gorge by the jungle trail, as he told her stories of serpentine passion. The snake was forgotten. He lay where he was - just a few feet away, the beam of sun that hit him from beyond the leaves shining a star on his moist black skin.
And he thought as he looked over her shoulder – These girls!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

History repeats itself - I’m single this time around as well.
Weirdo!!? I know I know.. :)


ursjina said...

hehe..happy buddy..dont worry...u have got company..unfortunately im a committed does dat sound weird!!!..yes it does..n im happy abt it...good to c u bk..

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hey thanx dear one!
happy valentines to you, and happy valentines to me.. let us live in peace.. ;)