Saturday, March 11, 2006

1=1 (HR arithmetic)

I ask for resources - and that's what i get!

The good news is that I finished the relase somehow..
I'm gonna have a weekend! Phew!


lash said...

The good news is that I finished the release somehow.... hehehe naughty boy

cirticiser said...

You are a big ass h**e... Just imagining that the whole train is moved with the push of your sleeky bisceps. He Hee Heee...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

lash: youre one bad goose - i guess you\'ve caught the bird flu. ;)

criticiser: Everyone\'s one, brother.. in their own way - dont you think? Maybe the train hasnt moved, But i have been pushing, and I\'m sure it will. I\'m gathering more people, if that\'ll make you happy.
PS: It\'ll do you good if you watch your language.

lash said...

are u back or u died on ur way?
latter the better!

ursjina said...

hehe..dat stupid criticiser doesnt even know how to spell it...poor a******..hehe..

hey..hope u r getting rejuvenated..:)