Monday, March 20, 2006

Highway *

We were supposed to leave Bangalore Saturday afternoon, but the way things turned out to be by the evening of Friday, the whole plan had to be stripped down and worked up once again from scratch.
I suppose that is what happens when you try to force things against the ways of nature. Me planning a trip 10 days in advance would not be a minor deviation from my nature, it would be an absolute crime against it!!
Needless to say, the bubble popped at the last minute.

And that is how I ended up riding a bike on a deserted highway in the middle of the night, headed west, towards the Ghats.
A ride out of the city, a ride back in time(though not too far), and a ride into another generation (truly, a different generation!) - That was what it was, and I must say I quite enjoyed it. Even the interviews!

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All set(i've never seen the fuel guage that full.. quite a memorable occation indeed!!) by toothless_wonder
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The kid gang by toothless_wonder
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The host n hostess :) by toothless_wonder
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Muthappa's enfield of '69. Well, it rode like a bullet indeed! by toothless_wonder
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All smiles!! by toothless_wonder
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Country roads.... Taking me home! by toothless_wonder

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