Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A curious case of reversed polarities

It looks the flu’s got me.
And I’ve had too much cough syrup and I feel funny.
Do you think that is why this picture looks funny to me?

[In the picture: Mannequins bare it all at the Levi’s store warehouse]


Cuckoo said...

Aah get well soon !!

Yeah, funny picture clicked by funny people !! :P

Moi said...

the red wall took my breath away!!!! looks like freshly painted!!! and what alleys have u been frequenting to click at warehouses :)

nice composition and if flu does this to you...then don't get well too soon!!! :DDD

Viewer said...

LOL :)

crumbs said...

err...are you sure its only cough syrup that you have been drinking?? :D

usha said...

hey, me too thinks the red on the wall luks striking!

n on ur state-of-mind.. well, no comments!! :))

Adorable Pancreas said...

Maybe I have the flu too.

And yes, the wall is amazing.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

thank you ladies!!
cuckoo: you mean funny funny or funny funny? :)

moi: these days i carry my equipment everywhere.. it's kinda heavy, but it's fun.
PS: but i've got in the well already.. ta dang!! :))

viewer: ROTFL :))

crumbs: ooh la la.. look whos here.. i've been drinking nariyal pani too.. do you get a lot of that in hyderabad?

usha: red on the wall looks striking - i think that's a commn feeling with us god's own countries. :)
red walls, red flags.. it's always a red flag here a red flag there.. here strike there strike everywhere strike strike. :))

adorable pancreas: thank heavens youre not in kerala.
i am and i've got a kilo of odomos on me. :)

somepinkflowers said...


did you set that up?

just wondering because,
not only does the red
make things all great and contrasty...


see that black wire thingy...
forming a perfect leading line from left TO right...
down the wall,
following guy #1's jaw line,
into guy #2's collar bone,
through and UP & out
the right side
to the black window corner...

very good!

especially with the
line formed
by the segmented torsos...

also, the chest, shoulder blades,
and breast bumps make interesting shadows
following the Rule of Thirds
for your page balance...


that is just me

in Deconstruction Mode...


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Let me guess: you're a curator at an art museum?
Frankly, the only setting up that was done for that picture was getting the frame around it, and I actually thought the wire was a a bad distraction.
Wow.. I feel so good about myself today.
I hope you had fun at the vacation.