Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One way, and we mean it!

One way, and we mean it!, originally uploaded by toothlesswonder.

We are a land of contradictions, of contrast, and changing hues – a land that has come a long way in it’s newest rebirth, and yet in so many ways not moved an inch from where it started.

A people’s nation – the people being its biggest liability, and its greatest strength as well.
And it’s greatest weakness? A defiant people. We work around rules, and we push our way through.

Doesn’t independence from an external force mean dependence on oneself? Doesn’t it mean accountability?
It’s time we made that choice:
The choice that you make to sit on a reclining chair 30 years from now, and tell your grand-child about that zero that India gave the world centuries ago - Or to tell him about what YOU gave India, what you gave the world.

It is fairly simple – you only have to be good in what you do. And make the rather tough choice in doing what you love to do. We are a country with immense potential. Even if we were only mediocre intellectually (which I don’t believe is the case) , we balance it in numbers.

The need of the hour, if you ask me are:

1. A strong police force – Perhaps not in numbers, but definitely in values – better equipped, and better paid. Let us face it – we are used to being an unruly lot. We could use some discipline. If what it takes are tickets, so be it.
2. A responsible electorate that realizes the gravity of the power of vote.
3. A merit oriented structure in the bureaucratic system – right from the base.
4. Planned growth – even if it means slowing down.
5. taxation at the source is not the best policy any more. Instead, tax the sales, and cash in on the volumes. We have the numbers – we could bring down prices without compromising quality – it’s a small world out there and India could make a global shopping hub
6. Gather public good-will to make sense with Kashmir – to take bold decisions. We have shed too much blood in vain.
7. Far sighted infrastructure projects to the North-East.
8. Most of all, the nation to realize the need to look ahead, as opposed to looking behind, as we are given to do, as we have been taught to do - Look ahead, and teach our children to look ahead.

We have made mistakes, we have innovated, we have excelled, we have fought, we have got back together – time and again. We will continue to make mistakes, and we will continue to learn, and I will continue to be proud - and watch this country with respect, and affection.
Happy Independence day, folks!


Keshi said...

Great post...a deep look into what it really is all abt. Well done!

Happy Independence Day!


pRicky said...

Ok so we shall think of voting for you if you add a few other things in your manifesto...
for now you need to to visit others as well to garner support ought you not?
Freedom wishes to you too

Sarah said...

"Or to tell him about what YOU gave India, what you gave the world.".. that was so well said..

Happy Independence Day!

Moi said...

now i see how the from the earlier chak de post it was all building up to a grand Independence day finale post :)

Lovely post and the sign made me assured, despite being 60 year old, our funny bones are intact :)

happy independence day!!! :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

keshi: thank you, you're truly a girl of the world.
I feel like a fish out of water when I'm out of this country. And you make people from everywhere feel at home with you. just how do you do it?

pricky: haha.. now look who's here.. freedom wishes to you too.. now drink responsibly, will ya?

sarah: Thank you, sarah!

moi: nah.. wasn't a build-up or anything. i was up working the midnight of august 14th, and was feeling sweet-sour about the country that i am so in love with.
so just wrote down whatever came to my mind then.
thank you, and i'm glad you noticed the picture.
Happens only in India, what say?

usha said...

"We work around rules, and we push our way through".. gud one!

workarounds are what we believe in, as it started on the day we got independence.. yeah, um talking of partition.. kashmir is a fallout of that workaround, and we are still trying to find a workaround to that as well!

Serendipity said...

This is .. beautifully written. each line!

Kirthi said...

Really liked this post, a better country, values will be the best gift we can give our chidren!

and accepting that we did a mistake and correcting it will take us a long way!

let hope we can all create the country/world we wil be pround of!

enjoy the freedom!

the rain tree said...

lovely post! :)

jai hind!

Prude said...


That was a real precise list. Only thing to look into is how to go about achieving it!!! :)

An initiative always counts.

Happy Independence Day!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

usha: deep.
the problem with kashmir, and the way that is registered in our brains is that we are never ready - either side- to face the actual problem.
we are working around, and going round and round - and round.

serendipity: yeah?
thankS :)

Kirthi: mistakes ae human, and what is abetter way to improvise than getting it wrong the first time...

rain tree: to free india! *clank* :)

prude: hey welcome back.
how we go about achieving it - i go out there and vote. even if it means taking a couple of days of ffrom work.

Keshi said...

**you're truly a girl of the world.

goshh u make me sound like an actress LOL! :) tnxx anyways!

how do I do it? well no special tactics..thats who I really am..that may be it :)

ty so much Toothy!


Anonymous said...

A very good thought-provoking post - KC

Anonymous said...

dream on