Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lots of love..

May all things beautiful be with you this new year - and a jumbo-sized helping of love.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone. Stay happy!


crumbs said...

and a very happy new year and gallops of happiness to you! :)
keep the madness alive!

Rums said...

Happppi New Year Bala!!! May all ur decent dreams come true...;) hehehe...Find a gurl u lazy bum!!!

usha said...

wish u too a happpy-happpy new year, bala! :)

Anonymous said...

lost the girl to the moron?? who is that? whatever.. i hope this yer would give you some good as well..

heh? ok said...

well, yes, all that to you as well. thankee.

Serendipity said...

vaaary happy new year to you! :)

Loup said...

Hey lovely pictures, might I ask what camera do you use?

- Loup

PS: Happy New Year

Adorable Pancreas said...

Wish you the same, eduntulous marvel. :)

Oxymoron said...

And to you too..!! Looking forward to seeing more of your super pics this year too! Btw, is that Bombay??!

Moi said...

i saw taare zameen par, finally!!!! and needless to add......loved it :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

crumbs: The madness is alive afterall, i suppose. :)

rums: If all my decent dreams were to come true, i wouldnt know where to keep all the cash. 10% is good for now. :)

usha: thank you! too late to wish you the same thing.. ;)

lash: you'll get a job, and you'll buy me drinks. all good things for me.

heh?: i say that again, and we'd be doing a loop. so.

serendipity: likewise.

loup: sorry for the late response, but I use two cameras: a nikon d200 and an olympus e500

A.P: do. :)

oxymoron: Thank you. That was New York.

moi: NICE! I liked the titles best - and you?