Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh, what a movie!


How can this movie not be loved!
When you work with dedication, a story that wouldn’t fill half a page turns into a brilliantly scripted, shot and presented masterpiece . Tare zameen par is - without doubt - the best movie this year.

I had a lump in my throat the entire time I was in the movie hall, and I am sure so would anyone who used to be allergic to books, to homework, and the system.
The trauma of the kid (at least to me) is of being judged by the world’s standards - Of slaughtered confidence, of being told he wasn’t good enough – And that is the beauty of the movie, if you ask me. It lets you think without making you look at your watch - The pace was a breeze and there is plenty of room to contemplate. The music isn’t redundant, is well timed, and actually good.

There is so much attention to detail - the titles just blew me away.
I walked in on someone else’s ticket (thank you Maneesha), and I was charmed from the first second on.

Oh what a movie!


heh? ok said...

i agree. i bawled my eyes out. with dignity, of course :P

Anonymous said...

the movie was good and the kid was brilliant.

if at all the movie disappoints somehwere that would be the music used.. i guess they could have done away with atleast one of those songs.. songs were not that important for the movie.. and prasoon joshi tried to be innocent with the lyrics but i am not very sure abt that.. but the movie overall was good..
the message was bang on!

atleast people are 'aware' of dyslexia now.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Thanks for all the comments exchanged during this year through our blogs.
Merry Christmas


rinchen said...

Oh, what a movie indeed. Made my day, it did. Lensational is the word for your blog, allright. Very nice pictures :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

heh?: will tell you a secret - that makes it the two of us. ;)

lash: I've always believed in songs having some purpose - to move the plot, transform time or create a paradigm shift.
In this case, I thought there WAS purpose. When you make "parallel" cinema, you expect mature audience that are used to thinking with the movie - in this case - I hate to differentiate - the movie is mainstream, and if the central theme is the boy's plight, I dont see a better way that anyone could have drawn attention to it than that song there.
I even liked the ambient music and the whole sound engineering thing.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto: Thank you, and merry christmas to you too!

rinchen: I'm flattered. :)

the rain tree said...

the movie is difinetly the best of the year. d best! im kinda speechless whenever i think abt the movie. i feel a lump in my throat

btw nice pic...u did justice to the movie :)

pricky said...

Bal... I think its the photo graph which actually makes your words even more poetic and purposeful...
I saw it with the lump you mention being present in my throat as well...
just that it didnt splash out with elegence like yours on my blog...

Moi said...

i am going for the movie in an hour's time!!! :)
I love the pic....
here's wishing you and yours a beautiful new year ahead, Bal :)

Roger the Pinto said...

hey bala, tsuj tog kcab morf eht eivom , ylmiS emosewA !!!!!