Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If this is not Terrorism, What is?


Ok, this picture is a repeat, but that is because the picture isn’t important.
I am worried – about vote bank politics threatening to divide youth, threatening to confuse, and corrupt thinking of this country’s tomorrow.

It isn’t about the misplaced morals of the Sri Ram Sene or any other bunch of goons for that matter – it never was. I am concerned about how time and again, we allow the innocent to be murdered for some random ambitious criminal to win elections – only that more recently, it has been possibly more than that. Genocide of generations, murder of the future: Radicalism, extremism, moral policing, Hindutva, Indian Culture, they said?

We are a democracy that has allowed the Babri Masjid to happen, we have allowed Kargil to happen, we have allowed a Godhra to happen, we have allowed a Sikh massacre to happen. The results have always been the same : Elections won.

I am apolitical. I despise the ruling government’s incompetence in protecting human life, and their very shallow fiscal policies. But right now, nothing disturbs me more than the knowledge that Pramod Muthalik is going to win the next election, and possibly even become a minister. Because that was what this was all about, all along, wan’t it? Not pubs, morals, noodle straps or Valentines day.

I am concerned about the larger implications of the venom these people are spewing : The rural-urban, good old have/have-not divide: Distinguished vote banks that can be easily manipulated; Distinguished vote banks that could easily have been this country’s only lasting hope.

We can do little things – like tell them they cannot deter the young spirit, like sending this guy some love ( If you know me in person, you can buy your card and give it to me, else there are instructions on the facebook event). The good thing about little things is that little things sometimes lead up to larger things – like perhaps a social movement to get the judiciary to tame the government, or spending a little time, a little money, and a lot of good will to adopt a rural child’s education: Things that are much simpler done than talked about, Things that will change tomorrow.
I am buying the first Valentine's day card of my life today, and I am awful proud of it.

Peace, and Love – Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


pRicky said...

You know the best to do is ignore the barking dog and when it does bite like it has in the very inane MANGY affair we need to beat the shit out of it. NOT very practical? True but politics is hardly logical. IT uses religion and so its time to act liberated though who would take the first step???

Asserting power means to use force... Thats the motto of most democracies. Sad fact...

Have updated Desi Reruns

heh? ok said...

hmm. such a shame that our politic is so removed from our lives.

and the worst part is that they don't even care.

ursjina said...

Same to u buddy...Some venoms need to be taken out with venom..
Someday sometime their minds will be healed I hope..
Read this..

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, thoughtful,

"You are the Dad's SON

Anonymous said...

im too proud of you as well chetta. love you!happy valentines day! malini

crumbs said... say little things matter. maybe that little thing should have been a great cold shoulder from everyone. Instead we had a media circus. Like you said Muthalik didn't have to be disappointed with the way V day turned out. He's famous already. And overnight.

Fame is so easy in our country, nah? =/

Serendipity said...

hello :)

crumbs said...

do you still exist?

qifei2012 said...

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