Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thus spake Santa

Aha! A rainy Christmas and a plethora of silly mistakes.
Some dork locked himself out of the car on a freezing night, right outside his apartment. Oh well, it would not have been such a mistake after all, if he hadn’t left the apartment keys in the same bunch as the car keys, and he hadn’t left his coat inside the car. And you know how these apartments in the US are. You need a key even to get to the stairs. Sigh!
[Ok. It was me. SO? ]

But wait a minute. This is the U.S of A. you always have 911!

911 emergency.. What’s your emergency?
Well.. err.. I kinda locked myself out of the car.
Are there any kids in the car?
I’ll have to put you on hold for a minute, Sir.
[Did I hear “pay back time!!”? man not every guy in India works in a call center. Hellooo??]
Okay, we regret that we cannot be of too much help at this time. However, you may break the window.
Oh. I MAY break the window of MY car? Thanks!
Any time, Sir. Merry Christmas!

But well, that is beside the point.
There is no snow for Christmas!

Ho ho ho Santa old fella,
Go get yourself an umbrella!

Merry Christmas, folks!


silverine said...

Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!!! :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Merry christmas to you to silverine.
go kick some butt this year.

VIDYA said...


Was the above story fiction??

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

sometimes truth can be much more ghastly than fiction. *sigh*
well, merry christmas, and a happy brand new year!!!

pRicky said...

Yeah well it was you huh???
no big deal...
~Stifled laughter~
Yeah well
haha haha
is all i can say and a little more haha
So how did you get into ur apartment?
No snow in London either
But nevertheless
Merry Christmas

Cinderella. said...

We all have these silly moments in life, no ?
Lol !!!
And i think, 911, did a good job.
I really like the lingo you use for your posts.
Thanx for dropping by.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

pricky: london was rather hot when i got there. that's not the point. it RAINED on chrstmas day! how worse can it get?

cindrella: the problem with my silly moments in life is that they're just too comonplace.
like chicken inferno last night. phew!

Cinderella. said...

Now what was that...???
Can we another post about that ??

pRicky said...

yeah well london is witnessing its most warmest winter os i gues u might have had a real terrible time in summer...
but people tell me sleet and cold will follow...
not the point but how worse can things really get??/

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

cindrella: comin right up!! :)
pricky: yeah.. them people. all full of gas. they've been scaring me withe these snowstorm stories for a whole 2 months too. they almost talked me into buying a snow showel! that includes yahoo weather as well. just gas!

moontalk said...

i commented the last time, n it didnt appear n now i am too lazy to repeat that again. anyways, as a friend used to say, golden words are seldom repeated.(another friend whld ve said, something are better left unsaid.)
anyways, glad to know u had a big jolly christmas.
i was at home's's the season to be jolly :D