Saturday, July 14, 2007

The 8 tag, finally!

S R I R A M, originally uploaded by toothlesswonder.

Arrears are fun things.. Like the Saturday laundry..

Ok, maybe they’re not, but you don’t really have a choice with either of them
A long time ago, Prickster had tagged me to write eight random things about myself. And not so long ago, flyaway mind also tagged me to write eight weird things about myself. Being the lazy bum that I am, I never even wrote one.
The weight of having failed such true blogger friends has been making me lose a lot of sleep, appetite, and not to mention a lot of Reynolds pens from the office stationary shop.

So here goes eight random weird things about myself:

1. You see a weirdo guy wearing an oversized helmet riding a motorbike and doing a dance somewhere on airport road, roll down your window, and say hi.. It’ll probably be me. Very often I get into these mood swings of the happy kind, and then I break into a dance. Yes, I sometimes sing too..

2. I am extremely accident prone. In my toddler years, I am told I used to walk on my toes (much like Fred Flintstone, who I discovered quite late in my childhood) and trip and fall, and get up, only to trip again, and fall again. I used to be called unniyappam (which is a malayalee snack – something like a muffin, only harder, sweeter, and rounder.) for the way my head would be swollen from all the falls every evening. The legacy continues even today.. I’ve locked myself out of the car in an ice storm just outside my house, wearing only a tiny pair of shorts; tore my pants doing some tango at an office party, and I spill hot coffee on myself quite regularly.

3. I’ve never been hopelessly in love, nor tearlessly in pain. I am devoid of extreme emotion. Till date, I’ve not had a fight with anyone that has lasted more than a day, and there is no person that I hate. I’ve never been in love either.

4. I adore snakes, and know more than quite a bit about them. As a matter of fact, I think they’re the most graceful creatures on the planet.

5. I go to boring office meetings just for the pizza. The funny thing is – I don’t particularly like pizza, and I am quite a busy person, but however hard I try, I somehow cannot let the Pizza meeting go by.

6. People tell me I’m a good cook, and that I make the best Sambar in New Hampshire, But here’s my little secret: With the exception of the Sambar, I’ve never been able to cook the same dish twice, and there has never been a cookbook which has worked for me.

7. I love everything about the rain. The sound, the smell, the color and the water. I don’t like the feel of wet cloth though, and so it becomes a major mental conflict every time it starts raining.

8. I am very lazy. Why’s that weird, you might ask.

But figure this: I’ve slept numerous exams off, and to carry my marks cards from college, you’ll probably need a truck, cause there is virtually one for each subject. I’m so used to taking the exams the next time. But I’ve had quite a good career.


The photo: This is my first real attempt at doing child portraits, and i'm pretty happy about this one here. Sriram is a friends' kid, and proved to be a great model.

On the podcast: Guess what I found today - AVIAL!

Also, this is the beta version of my new podcasting stream. I'm looking for you guys to test that one, and tell me if it works. I've phased out Odeo for now. [For those of you who do not know, it's on the side bar. you just have to click the play button - after finding it, that is. :) ]


Moi said...

oh that's a lovely portrait...his dimple will stay with me for a long long time.....:)

and u adore snakes??? i get this creepy feeling every time i spot one....

silverine said...

If this is your first attempt at child portrait then it is very nice. I dont hate or love snakes.No 3 is very me.

new age scheherazade said...

hehe-funny. and they're all nice-weird things. not yucky-weird things. lucky you.

claytonia vices said...

Hey nice portait! :)

Flyaway Mind said...

attending conferences & meetings for food & complimetary gifts sounds like me :D hehee.. and adoring snakes..eeek.. man,that's the weirdest stuff!!!

lighting and the colours on the prtrait looks very good

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

moi: I think I started noticing snakes because my mum gets petrified even when sees one on on TV. This I noticed very early in my childhood, but the closer i watched, i would get all more fascinated - about the way they move and everything. I totally love snakes, but that was a reprogrammed DNA. I dont think I was born that way.

I liked the dimple too. :)

Silverine: Thanks. I though I was the only #4 on Earth, actually.

New age icantspelltherest: there are more. But the tag rule said 8. so. isn't supraventricular tachycardia weird?

claytonia vices: Thanks mate! and thank you for coming by!

flyaway mind: The problem is, I do this everyday, and now my eating calendar is completely screwed up. i dont feel hungry at regular meal times any more. hehe.
The difference is - doing and over doing. :)

Tsu said...

Fun reading weird things about people, finding similarities n not feeling weird anymore.
7. I hate the rain cause I hate the way wet cloth feels on my skin. But I love the smell of earth before and after it rains. Mental conflict everytime it rains! :-)
they used to call me "Dubaal anu" cuz I kept falling. Lucky that stopped at a young age! :) buzzzzzzzz (sounds from my head!!!)
If i see u dancing somewhere alone if a gurl joins you say hi to me :0
good fun readin ure post!

Ash said...

Adore snakes?
I get scared just reading that line. I'm THAT scared of snakes!

Keshi said...

Great to know more abt ya my friend :)

U love snakes? OMG!

Im accident-prone too. Now u tc when ur on that motorbike!


crumbs said...

" I love everything about the rain"
if you dont like getting drenched..which happens to a big part of the rain, how can u love everything bout the rain?? :P

going to office meetings for pizza...i cld do that! :)

and ahem...being lazy is not weird, its our birth right :D

and a great shot...and nice post :) (ok, i NEED to stop using too many smiley faces in my comments!)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

tsu: hey cool. Now I think i should do the 101 weird things tag. hehe.
Sure to say hi. Made a note of that already. :)

keshi: Snakes, yeah. looks like they're not very popular with the fairer sex.
Careful on the motorbike?
you've got to see it. You have to hold the front-end at a 35 degree angle for it to go straight. Like-owner-like-motorcycle seems to be the case with it.

crumbs: Hey you're alive!! cool! Now I didnt say I can beat you at being lazy. hehe. Youre in the business class of being lazy. hehe.
get back here quick. we need to celebrate, remember?

the rain tree said...

snakes???? yuck?? slimy sick creature! i swear ur love for them is weird...

great ...but im sure u did hide some weird things abt urself

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

you know what?
you'll need a sex change to start appreciating a lot of good things in life. this is just one of them :)

8, said the rule!!

somepinkflowers said...

i keep coming back
to look at this one...

for some reason
it just makes me feel happy!


Kirthi said...

a mere blog hopper....

i liked the one about snakes... i agree, they are very graceful!