Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday ballyhoo 2

Here’s another couple of pictures from last Sunday, which seemingly has got me a mile long queue of pretty ladies waiting for their pictures to be clicked.

This shoot was fun, we had quite an audience gathered behind me watching the show, and some even asked me what magazine I was shooting for . [I wanted to tell her it was called “Little hotties”, but I bit my tongue, and told her the truth. ].

The folks at the coffee shop though wouldn’t ask questions, and treated us like VIPs. Nice. :)
I think I should be doing this more often!


Keshi said...

BEAUTIFUL ladies...great smiles!


usha said...

it's been sometime since i got 2 visit this place.. gr8 2 find some wonderful smiles here.. happy happy! :) gud job, wonderboy!

Rammu said...

Ahem...!! :) Do i have to say anythin' Bala???!

Adorable Pancreas said...

Pretty women. Pity I'm straight.

Ash said...

Beautiful portraits!

Moi said...

their smiles are contagious, Bala.....i leave here smiling....:)

Dhanya said...

Came here tho silverine's blog comments. Wonderful photography :)

somepinkflowers said...

i say this:

**i am working on a freelance gig**

most don't know what that means
you aren't telling a lie,
well, you never know...


PS--these COULD BE fashion shots...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Keshi: I'll pass thaton. They'll be happy. :)

usha: i've been thinking that you were on a vacation to mars or some place. good to see you back© :)

rammu: nah.. not really.
heh heh.

adorable pancreas : The photographer is single, though *wink wink ;)

moi: hehe.. i think so too.. i'm smiling too.. :)

pinkflowers: How could I not htink of that! no, seriously.. that's what i'm going to tell them the next time.
and thanks!

ash and dhanya: Thank you people!!

pRicky said...

Tell me do you use photoshop scripts assuming that you edit your photos at all...
are these tripod shots?
need i say they are good?
can we do group shots next?

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

1) No photoshop. I use the Microsoft photo editor to crop the pictures.
2)these are tripod shots (read real slow shutter)
3) say they're good. it could feed my (already huge) ego. :)
4) we most definitely can. I prefer female models, though. :p

Flyaway Mind said...

again those gals..ahem ahem...does that throw some light on the photographer's life :D i must say the black background just accentuates the photo effects...

crumbs said...

I see someone earning BIG brownie points here.
ahem! why is it that I have this irresistible itch to be evil right now? :D

oh, n I'[m back. Not for long though. Be off this Sunday.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

flyaway mind: SHTOPP right there. Draw no conclusions, for if you will, they'll be all wrong.
The hero of this movie is single.

Crumbs: What is important, however is what you plan to do while you're here.
i drink Teachers. :)

Sophie said...

dont you shoot smart boys? the tall dark hansome ones!!
tell me when you do!

Nabeel said...

first picture - I see simplicity, which is good. nice and simple smile and posture :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

sophie: i shoot myself sometimes in the mirror.

nabeel: yeah. nice and simple. thanks for coming by.

shruthi said...

This is amazing..Tp n rammu's...huh...bala u have made them real models...:-) n such an amazing work dude..keep going...really lovely to see all of them again n again...