Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TP shaves her head,
and ace photographer goes all Clicky, Clicky.


BENGALURU, INT Pem, suddenly n the news for her shaven head and colorful bandanas was spotted being shot on Sunday by an unidentified photographer in various basements of Bangalore buildings.

Reeling from countless pictures and making weird faces, TP received help on the sets in the form of tart-tounged but greatly perceptive friend RS.

Though neither has openly acknowledged it, TP and RS are widely believed to be secretly considering each other as a side kick. "Me and RS, we're like Wonder woman and wonder girl" said said TP, but later admitted that she just made up the wonder girl part. “It’s so unfair that I cant think of any woman superhero with a sidekick!”


Though people generally enjoy having a sidekick, both of them acknowledged that it has it’s own down sides too."TP's a great girl and all, but sometimes it's tough to make my moves when she's always hanging on my sleeve," RS said. "Like, last weekend, we were at this party, and I was trying to chat up this cute guy who looked kinda stoned, and she wouldn't leave my side for a second."

TP and RS concede that the affection is mutual, though not equal.


Moi said...

haha......and i so badly wanna shave my head too...will you shoot me too??? :)
your people shots have me asking for more :)

Keshi said...

who's TP?

Anyways she looks good with the sahve. Seriously. And I think she's a brave and beautiful woman.


Viewer said...

Came across ur blog while blog hoppin... Hey awesome photography here :) Good wrk :)

Rammu said...

Great job Bala :) U sure are gonna be very busy over the weekend doin' portfolios for ma frens ;) hehehe...

Nazzareno said...

I thank you some visit, also because you did me acquaintance the yours fine blog. :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

moi: go right ahead, and also send me a ticket. I could use some vacation time in Florida. :)
And I'll put aup a couple more of the pics from this shoot.

Keshi: Tp's a friend.
Brave and beautiful? TP, did you hear that? LOL!

viewer: hey *drumroll* and welcome!
thanks, btw! :)

rammu: I cant wait! ;)
Like I said, I have more of this stuff comin up for next week but
I could never have enough! hehe.

nazzareno: You're welome, and you have an awesome blog yourself. I'm glad I foound yours too.

Bullshee said...

Marvellous photographs!! I liked The Street Seller shot the best!

Tp said...

Thank you for the "brave and beautiful" comment!! Dude u got a lot of work lined up for the weekend.. btw lemme remind u .. ur not done with Rammu and myself :)

chronicwriter said...

hehehehehehehehe.. why am i laffing? to confirm, do hop down to my blog and check it out.. will keep coming.. so do post regularly

mathew said...

awesome snap dude...loved the richness and contrast..

pRicky said...

The kid one and the first shot on this post are brillaint like always.
But was just wondering which lens did you use for both the shots, Reference to kid shot and TP potrait?
Which camera?

Kalyan said...

The shots are just too good...Wonderful!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

tp: You mean to thank me, or Keshi?

chronicwriter: You seem to have a nice blog.

Pricky: Dude I use a couple of cameras. these pictures are from an Olympus e500, with a zuiko 70-300

mathew, kalyan and bullshee: Thanks, folks! You make me happy.

Flyaway Mind said...

heyyy..the photos looks quite professional ..am gonna shave my head toooo... :D some posts just inspire :p

Cuckoo said...

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional ??

The photos are wonderful with nice contrasts. The shaven head looks nice on TP.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

flyaway mind: shave your head and clet me know. sure to do a set with you.

cuckoo: aiyyoo.. I'm flattered! no more .. no more.. i say!!
Thanks from TP and me.