Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ask the doctor - He knows!

This post takes it’s roots from nothing-else-to-doness .. No it’s not joblessness – There is a very definite difference between the two. I am on the job.. otherwise I wouldn’t have been sitting here in the office typing this on a Saturday.

Nah, don’t ask me that question.. What else would I do? I would go out with a friend, of course, have some quality time out! Don’t you give me that questioning look… Haven’t I told you I don’t like questioning looks? If I haven’t, I think it’s time you knew I most definitely don’t! What? Yes Of course I have friends who would skip their weekend shopping to go out on a walk and coffee with me..
Or if no one does, I’ll write a letter to the doctor n the health magazine, and save the columnist some trouble.. at least he’ll be thankful that the had to write one letter less this week!

I am writing this with a burdened heart. I don’t know since when, but I have been having this feeling that I am somehow not normal. I don’t do a lot of things that people around me do, and I feel so strangely left out .
I don’t dream much.. In fact the last time I had a dream possibly was a good 5 months ago. I guess I stopped dreaming the day I made mental note of remembering them - is that a problem doctor, that I don’t dream, and that I almost always wrong my own resolutions?
Doctor, would it be normal for someone not to feel any pain about a dear one’s death, only worry about the people left behind?
Doctor why is that I have a problem letting go of things? Like this woman from so many years ago who keeps popping out of people’s faces at lunchtime, and leaves me thinking about the striking resemblance through my entire lunch; Like my quest for good music, and the way what sounds good one day seems nothing less than tormenting the next.. Doctor, Just why don’t I let go when I should?
Doctor does a set of artificial teeth look as good as the original? I don’t care if I’ll be able to chew with them – I’ll manage with soup.. but they’ll look fine, no? I just have too much reason to believe I’m going to lose quite a few of them soon enough.
Doctor, do they pay you well for imagining that you’re a doctor as well?
Bala Murali

PS: Doctor, I understand if it was just the question, you’d have to read through that whole load of crap, and write a reply too.. As my intention was to save you trouble, I have written the reply as well. You can graduate into the IT age.. The stepping stone to the techie seat.. Ctrl+C , Ctrl+V !!!

Dear Bala,
From what you have written, I think you are going through an identity crisis. Try taking a trip to the Himalayas for a change. If your problems persist, please consult your local psychiatrist.


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