Thursday, October 13, 2005

Where's that first rung? Where's the damn ladder? Give me my ladder! (Part1)

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Shall we turn back the pages a little?
I said a little, fuzz head, a little means by a small amout. No by a small amount is not page 1. Alright where are we? Hmm life after college will be just fine..

So there I was, I had got my first job, and had lost it already. Having been initiated to a 20k spending and suddenly put on a 0k income is a sad state.. You have to be there to know it.
Well that wasn’t the most tormenting thing at the time, however. Have you noticed how people suddenly seem to get concerned the second Monday you’re there at home? “Son, don’t tell me you lost your job!”. Uncle didn’t your momma teach you that it was a really rude thing to ask somebody? Maybe you’re from a different age – Hell, that explains it - You uncivilized rat!

And so on a Tuesday evening I decided I needed a job. And I needed it soon. But would someone call me and offer me a job? Well I didn’t quite believe that, I guess. Why? I had my own reasons..
a) My previous employer hadn’t given me a pink slip, or a blue, or a green one for that matter. I was waiting for a contract reconsideration, which would mean that well, that I wasn’t fired yet, well, not technically at least..
b) Somebody told me that one-marks-card-per-subject has suddenly got out of fashion – That employers don’t appreciate a 4 inch thick bunch of marks cards anymore. It must be the logistics. They must have run out of space in their filing cabinets! Darn the small filing cabinets!
c) Because there is something called C. And another thing called Java. No this C isn’t A-B-C. I confirmed with him. He said it was different – had something to do with computers. And all this while I thought Java was a motorbike company. Hell, this thing too had something to do with computers and one needed to know at least one of these to get a software job. The goddamn HRs! when will they get some sense in their heads!
d) Because they said 52.17% wasn’t good enough. They needed a minimum of (Okay hold tight) 70% !!! Is that a lunar mission you’re taking me on, mister?

So finally it was upto me. My future was in my hands! My own dirty hands.
And then around 9.30pm lying on the bed in a pentagon shaped room a sinister plan started to take shape in my mind – slowly but steadily. In an hour I knew what I had to do.
So at 11 pm on a fateful Tuesday evening I sat on my computer, jotting down numbers from the A-Z listing of companies on

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kd said...

I am confused...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

oh kd dear, do not bother!
You cannot beat me with being confused! haha!