Monday, October 24, 2005

Of bey blades and shindles

He’s 4 and he goes to prep 2. He says they’re all babies at prep 1. They cant even count – what a shame! He can not only count, but you ask him what comes after 7, and he’ll tell you it’s 8 – in no time. And he can tell the difference between a whisle fart, a truck fart, the knock-knock fart, and a boat fart. Aint that great?

He calls me big brother. There’s no mal translation.. he just calls me big brother, and he has me in his family picture he made in his drawing class. (Now his mom had a great time trying to explain that no, he’s the only son, and that me, I was her cousin, but how can her cousin be his big brother? Well, don’t ask me that, I have no clue myself.. heh heh..)

Amma, when acha comes back, we’ll ask him to get a good job like big brother, and then he’ll have a mala and card like big brother, and he can buy me seventy three bey blades! (You don’t know what a bey blade is, GO PLAY! This one had one hundred and thirty two sophisticated parts that you have to assemble by hand, and once you’re done doing that, he’ll put it on what he calls a shindil (must be a spindle) and says Go beyblade, Go!! Let it RRIP!!!, and it spins like a top for 10 seconds.. and the damned thing costs anything upward of 200 bucks! And is guaranteed to break in 2 days.)

He sleeps on my bed, after he watches cartoon network till 11 in the night and then you have to take him for shoo-shee twice in the night, and he promptly wakes up at 6 in the morning and licks your face! (Trust me, kid-mouths stink no less!)

Once I was reading paper on a Sunday morning, and this dude tells me that girl’s bad!
Aha? Why?
They girls kiss the boys..
And then they take the clothes off..

(Everyone at home turn around and give me that really nasty look.. NO, I am not responsible!! Seriously.. No!)

Now there’s another side to the coin.. you take him out to a shop, and he finds the best girls there, and tell them, hey, I came with my big brother.. He’ll buy me that truck there because he’s got a good job..

The girl looks, smiles.. What a great introduction.. the world’s best pickup line could fail, but not this.. Boy, isnt he a darling!


ursjina said...

mmm....can i borrow him...just for 1 brthr needs to tk lessons frm him..hehe...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i dont mind you borrowing.. but the minimum loan period is a month. Think about it.. heh heh..

ursjina said...

hmm..i guess its better to send my brother for a residential camp..hehe...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

U cant say that now.. YOU GAVE ME HOPE!
we have a saying in malayalam a coarse translation being 'it would be fair to give and take away an elephant, but not hope!'
heh heh heh..
how old is ur brother, anyway? (maybe we could try a swap ;-) )

ursjina said...

malayalathil paranajlum manasilaavum..i am not some foreigner..well he is in tenth..but believe me he is got more than wat u think he s got...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

thanney? great!
the theory of universal mal-mal love.. this is what i was talkin about.. a benana jib always ends up talking to another benana jib. and then they would be benana jibs!

your brother goes to 10th grade? that's great.. he's a young man already!

ursjina said...

hehe...ya..i namaskaaram maashe...glad to have met you....

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hehe.. kaaram kaaram!
me too glad to have met you, a jib is always happy to meet a jibby, that is the second postulate of the theory.
so, you stick around.. and these days i have quite some time on my hands so if you drop a mail, i'm sure to reply with a longer one.
oh, the id is

because postulate #3 says that a jib always wants to know more about a jibby.
heh heh heh..