Friday, October 21, 2005

Camaraderie - ca·ma·ra·de·rie : a spirit of friendly good-fellowship

WARNING: Readers discretion advised. The following matter is of a slightly graphic content, It is advised you ignore this post if you find such matter inappropriate.
The subject matter pertains to recent activity in certain other blogs, and this single post may not present a whole picture.

This is to express solidarity with a fellow blogger who has been crucified at a certain private blog for all the wrong reasons. The poor boy has been mercilessly gang raped (pardon the rather uncouth expression) there not long ago, and I can see he’s all bruised, and he doesn’t like it one bit!

Now I am standing up for this fellow blogger not because we went to school together a lot many years ago, no not one bit out of blogger-blogger love. I just realized, although our views differ a little bit, this one has a point somewhere. That with readership comes social obligation – That although you have your right to free speech – public or private, it becomes your moral responsibility to mean good.

Hell, I have no problem with some female sleeping with 4 different men in a day (hey can I have your number?), everyone has their right to their own personal space (which includes your friends, your prospective boyfriends, but not a blog that gets quite a few hits).. , but blowing your trumpet around about the whole thing in a public space – well, I beg your pardon, but I’d say “What a slut!”.
Naturalmento, senorita…

PS: My real concern however is the fact that you have not at any point mentioned rubber. If the porn movie industry could be so supportive of the cause when the government instructed them to use protection when they went public, don’t you think, senorita it becomes one’s responsibility to mention rubber, at least in a fine print disclaimer?
(I’ve got a twisted red ribbon on my shirt – don’t you see it?)


Den said...

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GasBag said...

Hell yeah, I agree with you that females should not blow other's trumpets in public, and also not show their "hole thing" in a public space, but the dirtier region of my mind still yearns for such sights. What shall I do? Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani?

Go read a poem:

lash said...

hoho. i am so releived.. infact i was completely misunderstood and it was blown completely out of propotion.. but look at my profile views.. it went up by a 100 in one day :))

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

@gasbag: well, i dont know.. i should rather not comment

@lash: i know i know.. them self proclaimed women of today.. i dont know what they're trying to prove, but they're doing all the wrong things.. looks so artificial, so friggin vulgar! no, my dear ladies.. that's not how you look hep.. look at this total wreck of a boy here.. what a shame!

Sonia said...

i went thru the article. didn't read the comments though. the post is about her life, her view-point. i don't agree with her views and opinions. but who am i to say what's wrong or right. she or her male counterpart can do as they very well please. i feel there is no obligation to mention contrceptives. it's her blog, her post. she has no moral onligation to anyone. all i feel is that if she is out for a fling, then she shud make sure the guy who she is with shud also ne aware of it and shud do so in the same mindset. and vice versa

Anonymous said...

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