Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update hate-list; insert RAIN

The newest style statement:
3.73 meters of clinical gauze around your left arm.
The more you have blood stains on it, the better..
Hey what happened? They ask..
Hmm… I fell from the bike..
Aw.. how’s the bike? They ask..
The bike’s okay.. Miraculous escape..
(Another reason why I should find myself a girlfriend soon.. I’ll set a reminder…)

Chennai gets rains.. What a nice thing.. But why does Bangalore have to suffer from the darn spillage?
I guess the north-west monsoon’s got to learn to hit targets properly..
The target is Chennai, sucker.. The target isn’t me.. Do you hear that? Do you?

So I get home wet.. totally wet (That includes the dressing which was not supposed to get wet) So what do I have to do? Redress..
TRRRRK.. (that’s the closest verbatim recreation of the sound that issues from pulling at the dressing that’s got biologically glued to white flesh) No I’m not Rambo – The TRRK has to be immediately followed by a really loud AAArrrgh!
Red beads on white flesh.. where’s the aftershave? AAAAAARRGGGGHHHH!
Cotton, betadine, gauze, adhesive tape. Now that’s a work of art – beeeauty!

Does anyone know how to kill rain? Cause I’m gonna take the mfhussain out.. I’ll take him out if I have to do that again tonight!

PS1: Rmu, mnty, vja are not allowed to post any comments which has the any of the words doctor, clinic or screams in it.

PS2: The graphical details of the arm in question are not available at the moment. The snaps will be posted as and when they come in.


Sonia said...

is your bike insured?


lash said...

:-) wasnt that ur right hand.. ?? how do u write still??

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...


I guess it's time included a chapter "Compassion for thy slain cousin" in elementary school moral science!